Your Mortgage Game Plan

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Do you have the best mortgage for your lifestyle and situation?

Finding the right solution can take time and effort, but you don’t have to do it on your own. As an experienced mortgage broker, I know how to identify the right mortgage product for you. I have access to hundreds of options and know what you need to succeed.

Here are 10 steps to take to identify the right mortgage for your needs.

1.Connect with the best mortgage specialist
On the road to mortgage success, you want to have a skilled and experienced broker by your side. I work with dozens of lenders who offer billions of dollars in mortgage products. It helps me understand what type of mortgage solution will fit my clients best.

2.Stay in your comfort zone
Buying a home shouldn’t break the bank or your budget. I’ll help you create a personal mortgage plan that you are comfortable with, one that fits your circumstances and future dreams. Together, we will consider the full cost of buying your dream home. Will you need to pay for costly renovations? What can you expect maintenance and repair costs to look like? Are you saving for retirement or your children’s education? Contemplating starting your own business? Let’s look at the full picture before you determine what mortgage is best for you.

3.Know the rules
Mortgage rules and regulations in Canada have changed. Updated requirements protect against security and fraud. The application journey can be confusing. If you misunderstand or fail to include all the details, your application could be delayed or denied. You may miss out on your dream home. That won’t happen if I’m your mortgage broker.

4.Down payment requirements
Regulations to get a mortgage in Canada require buyers to provide details about the down payment. You will need to let the lender know where you are getting the money. I’ll be there to guide you through the process.

5.Accept things may change
Many homeowners don’t anticipate how future changes can impact their mortgages. Situations like a job loss, relocation, new baby, separation, and divorce may prevent you from going to term with your lender. If you’ve signed a loan with terms and restrictions that have high penalties for ending your term early, it can be an added blow to your circumstances. Let me guide you through the process and ensure you understand your mortgage contract before you sign.

6.Understand the fine print
You need to know the ins and outs of your mortgage agreement before you sign. Don’t get distracted by attractive offers of low rates. There may be hefty fees involved if you need to break your term early. I’ll lead you through the paperwork and the fine print so that you know what it means.

7.Get the right rate
When you get a mortgage, you can opt for a variable or fixed rate. A variable rate can be attractive as it will be the lowest one a lender offers. But, if the prime rate varies, your payments will increase. A fixed rate is higher, but it is locked in and won’t change. I’ll help you determine which rate is best for you.

8.Paperwork process
Applications, forms, documents, and more can be confusing and overwhelming for home buyers. My goal is to simplify the mortgage paperwork process for you. Lenders require a lot of information. I’ll help you know what you need to provide and when to deliver it.

9.Start your renewal early
You can save money when it comes time to renew your mortgage. But you’ll need to start shopping around early. Leaving it too late may force you to re-sign with your current lender. You may miss out on better rates or conditions. I’m happy to help you with the shopping process. Call me a few months before your term is up, and we can look at your options together.

The final step is knowing that you have the right mortgage solution for you. It is the peace of mind you get when the journey is over. If you want to reach this key step, talk to me, and I’ll get you there.

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