I truly believe education is the key to being financially happy. However most people I know, don't know how to become educated on things like money, finances, budgets and investing. I have people often say to me "You know Adam, I would really like to learn more about(insert money, finance, investing here)but it's too hard and too expensive." This is one of the biggest myths in today's society. Education and most importantly self-education can begained for free. What isn't free comes at a very small price.

The clip below from one of my favorite movies sums this up well. (Slight language warning)

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The point Matt Damon's character is making in this scene isa valid one. Some people will spend thousands and thousands on an education. When all they have come out of it at the end is what the could have learnt by reading books at their local library.

I am not saying that paying for an education is not worth it, that debate is for another time. However if you really want to learn. Your local library is the place to start.

I will admit that when I first started educating myself I was hesitant to use the library. I don't know why. Maybe it was because I thought that libraries had a certain aura about them. Deep down it was because I thought I wouldn't fit in there. That I would walk in and feel out-of-place.

How wrong I was.

Libraries these days are modern social hubs. No longer are they quiet, dusty old rooms with old ladies telling you to quiet down when you speak. Libraries have evolved and so should your thinking.

If you are serious about getting an education you need to check out your local library. This is mine:

Not only does the ACT library lend out books. They lend DVD's, audiobooks and E-books. If you can't find what you're looking for at the ACT library they will help you find it somewhere else.

Thought you would be driving all the way across town to get the book you wanted. This is one of the best bits of the ACT library. All you need to do is requesta book, and it will be sentto the library nearest you. You even get a text message when it's ready to be collected. How easy is that.

So let's recap why i think a library is the best way to get a free education.

  • Free membership;
  • Thousands of books in different formats;
  • Borrow as many books as you like at one time; and,
  • Easy system to borrow and you can return your books anytime day or night.

That's right, just like video shops in the 90s, most libraries today have an after hourschute to automatically return your books anytime. This is great for me as I work shift work and will often drop a book back in the middle of the night.

Books borrowed from the ACT Library

I love reading. My main interest is about money. I love reading all I can about personal finance, investing and all things related. As you can see above at the moment I'm reading a lot about using social media and the internet. I would never have paid the recommended retail price for these books as they are not my main area of interest. But when you can get an education for free, why not?

And that is a big reasonfor me. A lotpeople can't justifythe price of a $20 or $30 dollar book to learn about something they think will take care of itself. Well guess what? Your money doesn't look after itself. Unless you teach it to. So instead of spending money to get an education on money. Get it for free. Get down to your local library and sign up. You're not just signing upasa member you're signing up for an education, and best of all it's FREE.

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