Is there a cost for your services?

You won’t need to pay to use a mortgage broker unless you have had past credit issues such as bankruptcy or major delinquencies. It means you can let us do the work finding you the right mortgage solution.

What is the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank?

A mortgage broker is a specialist that has access to dozens of lenders and their mortgage products. It means we can offer you more choice and give you control over your mortgage rates and terms. Banks only offer their own mortgage solutions. It means you don’t have as much choice.

What makes you different from other brokers?

We are committed to offering you the best service, including showing you the hidden costs that get buried in your mortgage. Our mortgage specialists aim to bring you the best loan on the market. We don’t want to see you get stuck with a mortgage that will cost you thousands of dollars. We use a unique methodology that we created to uncover the extra costs in some mortgage products.

Do you only work with clients in Southern Ontario?

No. We are based here, but we have a license to help clients all over the province. Our main offices are strategically placed in the financial service capital of Canada, so we are close to the best lenders in the country. It allows us to find you the best mortgage deal. No matter where you are in Ontario, we want to help you get the best mortgage for you.

What is your best rate?

Getting the best mortgage is more than just finding one with the lowest rate. Some of these loans come with thousands of dollars in hidden fees. So, it costs you more in the end. We are also upfront with our clients. While we post the most competitive rates, you need to qualify. It can take just 90 seconds to find out if you can get the lowest rate we post. Check out our mortgage rates page (https://dominionlendingniagara.ca/mortgage-interest-rates/) for more information.

What types of mortgages do you provide?

We have a broad range of mortgage solutions available from dozens of lenders. Whether you are looking for purchases, pre-approvals, refinances, renewals, commercial property, investment properties, reverse mortgages, bad credit mortgages, second mortgages, self-employed mortgages, property tax arrears or construction loans, we can help. Our company has finalized over $30 billion in mortgages over the past year.

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